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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Urgent! HPNAP Food Pantry Funding Jeopardized

Pantry supporters:

Remember how you felt the last time you had to skip lunch? You were hungry and maybe a little weak, tired or irritable? Did you feel deprived? Now imagine having to skip lunch every day, all year long. That’s what could happen to food pantry clients if the HPNAP funding is lumped in with WIC and other programs. If all of these programs are competing for the same funds, and the funds have been reduced, some people in New York State are going to have to skip a lot of lunches. 

The Caroline Food Pantry provides a box of groceries for over 500 people twice each month. Last year HPNAP was about 1/3 of our budget, $16,333.00. If we lose that funding, or it’s greatly reduced, many people will have a great deal less to eat. 

Our clients range in age from babies to men and women in their 90’s. Those that can work, for the most part do so. Almost one half of our clients are under 18 or over 62. Many of the rest are disabled, working more than one job, and/or have a family member with severe and expensive medical issues. Their budgets are already stretched to the limit, as is the pantry’s. 

Please do not allow Governor Cuomo to eliminate HPNAP as a separate line item in the budget. The change in funding won’t make a lot of difference to the state, but it will make an enormous difference to our neighbors who need this help. 

Please help by calling Barbara Lifton’s office at 277-8030 or e-mailing her at and  by calling Jim Seward at 432-5524 or e-mailing him at before Friday, February 22nd.  

Thank you.
Pat Brhel
Director – Caroline Food Pantry

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